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 Welcome to Tropical Felgate, your source for international real estate, specializing in Costa Rica real estate.

Tropical Felgate is a Real Estate Company located in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, one of the busiest tourist destination city in Golden Coast of Costa Rica. We are a group of professionals whose main goal is to provide you with clear insight into the meaning of investment and purchasing real estate in this beautiful country.

We have a proven record of selling Real Estate in Costa Rica. Our expertise and experience covers a wide real estate collection in ideal locations for living, retiring or investing in Costa Rica. Our real estate inventory features a special assortment of: Costa Rica beach properties, upscale residential homes for sale, condos, investment real estate, farms, mountain properties and vacation rentals.

We understand that relocating or purchasing a vacation property is not an easy job in Costa Rica. Planning a move to Costa Rica and doing business abroad suggests a lot of research and finding a reliable company you may be using. We shall provide you with trustworthy Costa Rica real estate assistance on every step of the real estate purchase process and will make it as easy and painless as possible.

Tropical Felgate main aim is to ensure that your real estate transaction is successful. We can help you to realize your dream of Costa Rica real estate property or investment.

Our real estate listing in the Papagayo area combine desirable locations in Playas del Coco, Playa Ocotal, Playa Hermosa, Playa Panama and Tamarindo.

Additionally, we provide you with full real estate legal services using our trusted and experiences lawyers with great reputation in the area of Papagayo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is becoming one of the world best known destinations for vacation, investment and retirement. Costa Rica's beauty goes beyond paradisiacal beaches, magnificent mountains and great weather year around... it's main asset is its people. Costa Ricans are worldwide recognized for being authentically friendly and helpful people. It seems like Costa Rican ancient democracy and peace is reflected in its culture and psychology of its people.

Tropical Felgate team will do its best to provide you with the best service available. Our policy is to serve our customers with high respect and professionalism and our motto is "British punctuality and Tico hospitality". Our expertise can guide you in a lot of different issues related to your real estate purchase. Our valuable experience and contacts will make you feel comfortable since your first communication. We will listen carefully to your needs and work hard in helping you achieve your real estate goals. Whether you are looking to relocate to Costa Rica and find a piece in this beautiful country, or you are just looking for a good return investment, Tropical Felgate is your "one stop" to Costa Rica Real Estate.

Tropical Felgate was founded in 2005 by passionate Real Estate professionals who have been deeply involved ever since in the development of the property market in Costa Rica. Through all these years and until now, the Company's main goal has been to keep high ethical standards and transparency at all levels. Tropical Felgate really cares about the relationship with its clients. We are a leading and successful Costa Rican Real Estate Company thanks to you, our most appreciative clients, and we shall always protect your interests above all.

Tropical Felgate always wants to keep an open line of communication with you! Feel free to call our NY Local Phone Line for personal Real Estate information assistance. We also invite you to visit our Tropical Felgate Real Estate Blog for news, interesting real estate articles, customer comments and more... We invite you to take a tour of our multiple listing service, browse our up-to-the-minute quality real estate listings, and request any information you may require. Send us an e-mail for a fast response, or just fill out our information request form.

We are featured on UK Channel 4, Telegraph, Living Abroad, Homes Overseas magazines, A Place in the Sun magazine and Scotland on Sunday.

Costa Rica has recently caught many eyes as a hot tourist spot but also as a great place to purchase real estate. With so much public attention and a vast number of tourists visiting Costa Rica every year, the country offers a great investment environment for real estate. Below are seven great reasons to invest in Costa Rica Real Estate.

1. Stable Government: Homes Overseas No 28
Costa Rica is a democratic republic with three branches of government and has enjoyed one of the most democratic governments in Latin America. As of 1948, Costa Rica abolished it’s army and since 1949 has enjoyed its peaceful democratic existence, often being referred to as the “Switzerland of Central America”. The government is one of the people and one that very much sees the value of tourism. Over the past few years the government has incentives foreigners to come and retire in Costa Rica. Stable government ensures that the money you put into your property is safe. Political turmoil will never be a reason for illiquidity in your Costa Rican investment and also provides reason why Costa Rica is a great place to buy. There are many other locations around the world that investors think of to go and buy, but stability is very important and should play a huge factor in anyone’s investment decisions.

2. Stable Currency:
Investors want to know if their money is safe in Costa Rica
Stability of the government has helped to maintain a solid and stable currency.
The Costa Rican colon, also denoted as CRC is the official currency of Costa Rica. Colones come in notes of 1,000 up to 10,000.
US Dollars are also accepted as legal tender in Costa Rica. Both are widely accepted and exchanged throughout the country with approximately 90% of the places of business in the country accepting the US Dollar.

3. Tax Incentives:
This seems to be the one everyone loves! As mentioned earlier the Costa Rican government has created one of the most attractive investment environments in Latin America.
Capital Gains Tax= 0% in Costa Rica. The capital gains taxes are exempt for a business, if the money is derived from an activity that is not the normal course of business for the company (This exemption is established through the use of SA, or Sociedad Anonima). Property Taxes in Costa Rica = 0.25% for the properties with declared value of up to US$350,000. This rate is significantly lower than most places in the world. As a result people are buying in Costa Rica which increases demand and ultimately increases value. There are not many places where you can buy a piece of property that has incredible appreciation potential with such low holding costs.

  • Corporate Tax: The Sociedad Anonima (S.A.)
    These forms of corporate structures allow owners of property to keep their names away from the corporations they own (literally translates as “anonymous society”). Ninety percent of all property in Costa Rica is purchased through these S.A.’s. When a property owner purchases property through these S.A.’s they use a shareholder’s loan to fund the purchase. Rental income generated is taken out of the corporation as dividend income and deducted against the initial investment and thus no taxes are paid.
    Income Tax: Only income generated in Costa Rica is subject to income tax. Costa Rica offers large amounts of income to be deductible and free from any tax
    **all tax information should be verified by independent tax professional.

    4. Proximity to Major N. America Cities:
    When investigating vacation destinations and environments for second homes or investment property, it is important to factor travel times to the destination. Costa Rica’s proximity to major N. America Cities gives even more reason why investors are buying property in Costa Rica. Great tourist destinations need to be close and easily accessible.
    Major US and Canadian Carriers offer direct flights to and from Costa Rica from the following international airports (3-5 hour flight times)
    Miami-Houston-Atlanta-Dallas-Chicago-New York-Los Angeles-Toronto

    5. Healthy Local Economy:
    For baby boomers and entrepreneurs, spiralling costs of living abroad, oppressive taxes and government regulation in the US have placed Costa Rica high atop the list of places to retire without sacrificing standard of living. This is what savvy investors are looking for!

    6. No Ownership Restrictions:
    Foreign Ownership is promoted in the country of Costa Rica. In many foreign countries fee simple title is only available to locals and without titled ownership your investments can be at great risk. All foreigners enjoy the same rights as Costa Ricans when it comes to real estate ownership. Titled, fee simple properties are all registered in the National Registry of Costa Rica properly protecting your ownership rights.

    7. Excellent Lending market:
    Prior to 2006, there was no market for lending in Costa Rica and investors bought and sold property on a cash basis. With the recent surge by worldwide and US lenders as well as the strengthening of the Costa Rican market, financing at reasonable rates is now an available option. This addition to the real estate industry has made it possible for many more investors to buy property in Costa Rica and will only increase the demand over time.

    As you can see there are many great reasons to invest in Costa Rica. Many people believe that it is too late to make any money. This is not the case! The time is now to invest in this beautiful country and incredible vacation spot

Whether you are buying or selling a home, hire someone like us, who want to earn your business. We invite you to contact us as we'd be happy to assist you with this important transaction.

In addition, if you have any general questions about buying or selling real estate in Guanacaste and Costa Rica in general, please contact us as we're more than willing to help.

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