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Another Great Job by Federico Espinosa

Federico have just finished another studio in Sweet Dream - No 17.
This is what the owner thinks about it:-
"Federico has done an AMAZING job from what I can see through the pictures.  I am IMPRESSED very much by his work and his work ethic. I know this was not the cheapest option granted, but I truly wanted something and someone that I could count on and you stated that he was this, and HE IS! I highly recommend him.  I asked for some special details in the bedroom area and he delivered.  I asked for certain items to be added or deleted, and he did.  So, again, very agreeable and professional.
Thank you!
Mike Hebert, Sweet Dreams #17

Studio Furnishing Samples and Renderings - Option A

In this option we change the distribution of the kitchen area in order to take advantage of the space.

Studio Furnishing Samples and Renderings - Option B

This is a economy package using the existing distribution and cement countertop for kitchen cabinets.

Because of the diference in size from one studio to another studio is better to inspect and take specific measurements to design and made a quote for each client.

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