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Tropical Felgate Property Management Corp


There are so many reputable property management companies that can effectively make your real estate rental in to a perpetual cash machine. Each company has their own style and approach. Unfortunately, not all companies deliver the same services as the other; therefore the pressing question is how will you find a reliable property management company? In every selection process, there are criteria, and here, are some of the best ones put together just for you:

property management company must know the business very well. This means that the company has far-reaching acumen about the local market segment. They should know how to pull in renters, market your business, and engage strides, in order for the business to be competitive. A good company helps you make money, while the best one can make you money too, but making further steps to streamline the business operation so the business thrives.

Always conduct a meeting with the prospect candidates. Knowing what is on their minds is a great way to know their professional limits and capabilities. A great manager focuses on plans, budget, marketing, collection, and more importantly, provide excellent customer service. The plan should include how to maximize profit and reduce expenses.

A successful property management company should have a good track record with past and present clients. No one could state they have extensive experience and know-how by working on theories alone. Experienced property management firm always showcase a masterful plan, according their clients’ needs and should be happy to share with you testimonials from previous clients. If they don’t have any to show you, beware.

Let’s talk about the money and the collection of rent. A great property management firm has impeccable and effective ways to collect rent promptly. They are also responsible for catching up with delinquent payments. Today, tenants have the option to pay their rent online. The property management company should have software that controls the entire business operations, including accounting, billing, services, inventory, and web-based applications, making it convenient for both renter and investor to keep on top of their home.

Many property owners today prefer a company that can handle accounting and taxes. It is a part of the team, but only works only for the tax season. The accounting team is responsible for cash flows, taxes, and organizing the expenses of the property.

The team or staff should give efficient and speedy service like repairs. The team is available to help the tenants. The team is respectful, friendly, honest, reliable, and most of all, fast. A good relationship between the tenants with the management team denotes prompt payment, and thus, promoting good returns for the business.

Choosing such a company that delivers deft business operations is an essential part of any property rental business. Heed the helpful tips to and add to your personal criteria. Running a business like property rental is serious and complicated. Therefore, you should choose one of the best Tropical Felgate Property Management Corp team.


Your Guide to Property Management: Do You Really Need One?

The real estate industry is now one of the most flourishing markets. If you are investing in real estate then you must understand that you need to have a lot of knowledge about Property Management. There is nothing more distressing than to invest in something that would only cause you a lot of stress and financial instability. Real estate is one great investment but when you don’t know how to manage it you will be surprised how much it can become a liability to you financially and mentally.

Normally for real estate investors, you buy a property and you plan to sell it in the future to make profit. Most of the times, before you sell the house you try to find ways to earn money from it. One of the most familiar ways is to lease the property. There are even times that real estate investors have no plans of reselling their property because the profit coming from renting it is enough to meet their financial needs. That is because most people right now would rather lease a place monthly than pay in bulk to buy it. You have the option to personally manage your own property especially if you have a lot of experience when it comes to this kind of business. However, Tropical Felgate Property Management Corp team who are professionals that handles your real estate investment is a big advantage especially if you are new to this business. Whichever option you choose you must know and understand first why you need to have someone manage your real estate investment.

If you properly manage your property or find someone who is competent to do it for you, you will surely gain a lot of advantages. One of these advantages is you will have high quality tenants since there would be a process of tenant screening. Remember that having a bad tenant who doesn’t pay the rent on time or doesn’t take care of your property will be a real hassle in the long run. Also, property managers not only take care of your tenants and occupancy issues but they fulfil major responsibilities in major areas like marketing, financial, facility, risk management and administration.

When you want to increase the value of your property and at the same time maximize the returns on your investment, finding the best Property Management team or professional should be on the top of your list. Remember that this is what you need if you don’t want to turn your asset into a liability in the near future.

Extra-Mile Services of Tropical Felgate Property Management Corp

When it comes to your income property income should be your prime consideration. Most property management companies offer high level of services at very reasonable prices. As an owner, it is important to know the services that property management companies offer to cover their prices. Even miscellaneous fees must be broken down for transparency and clarity. Property management services should include a real live person hotline that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle requests for maintenance and leads. Online payment tools should also be served as well as phone payment systems to take care of owner disbursements and rent collection facilitation.

Ultimately, a property management company that can optimize services proves to be the wisest choice. It has to be one that will help the company in terms of brand recognition, avoid legal risks and hassles and most of all, to maximize its potential for income. There are many advantages in highly reputable property management companies and it serves you best to do research and background checks to be able to determine the best management company that fits your needs.

Tropical Felgate group of companies is reputed to go the extra mile in giving service to both clients and property owners. Many of them have additional services that they offer exclusively to their managed accounts. During periods where the property is vacant, property managers can continue to manage the property with no additional fees. Vendors are also expected to always be available for repairs, maintenance and other services. There should also be no hidden agenda in all transactions including the fees and charges. Whatever was negotiated should be the amount to be paid.

Look for some extra services that ensure you are dealing with a professional like receiving a report complete with the status of the property including pictures and other updates in order to assure the owner that his investments for his property are worth it.

HOA Management Services

Our company's mission is to provide the highest standard and cost effective management services for homeowners and condominium associations.

We are here to work for YOU  and provide all services needed for the smooth operation of your Home Owners association.

If you are looking for new property managers, please give us a call.

Maintenance Responsibilities

  Administer the daily maintenance of property and facilities.
  Oversee the proper operation of any other common area infrastructure.
  Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs.

Financial Responsibilities

  Prepare and propose and explain annual budgets for the association.
  Administer the association's  budget and financial records.
  Make sure all dues, fines, fees, etc. are collected in a timely manner.
  Provide monthly and annual financial statements to the HOA board and owners.

Management Responsibilities

  Provide, supervise, train, pay, fire and hire administrative, maintenance, security, cleaning and gardening staff.
  Work in coordination with the HOA board or committee.
  Provide regular written management reports.
  Attend and participate in the regular meetings with the elected board of directors to discuss and resolve any issues or disputes.
  Identify potential problems and recommend actions to the HOA board.

Contract Administration

  Locate and screen reliable and qualified subcontractors.
  Acquire Bids and negotiate the best quotes.
  Administer and supervise all routine contracts.

Concierge Services

Not everyone wants their property to be rented, but still want it to be looked after when the owners are not there.
We have structured a range of additional services that are available either on request or in our Concierge Package deal.

We provide property maintenance services in the following areas: Playas del Coco and Ocotal.

Timely and professional maintenance is paramount in protecting your investment. Our goal is to provide you with the best service at the lowest cost. All repair and maintenance services are performed by independent, outside vendors and contractors, or by company employees that have been properly trained to complete specific jobs. Routine preventative  maintenance and repairs are performed on a monthly basis. For any major job, we obtain written estimates from three different companies, notify you, and obtain your approval before we proceed. We monitor all contracts, provisions, payment schedules and performance schedules in order to ensure the quality of the work performed. Each job is fully documented.

Once you are signed up for our Property Management Services the following property maintenance services can also be arranged:


General Maintenance

Many people consider their home as their most valued possession. Our home maintenance services like carpentry, kitchen remodelling, good interior design work, solid dry walls, and quality paint jobs enhance the beauty of your home, maintains it and can even increase its value.



Cleaning Service

Our Cleaning Services are consistent and dependable and provided by our trained professionals. We clean with your highest expectations in mind. Our staff is well-supervised.



A/C Maintenance

Air Conditioning is often overlooked and only checked after a problem exists. Regular service keeps you cool all summer and helps prevent costly repairs.

We can handle your Air Conditioning Maintenance Service and Repair Needs.



Pest Control Service

We provide professional fumigation, extermination and pest control services, specializing in treatments for the control of subterranean termite, winged termites, moths, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, spiders and all types of insects.


Concierge Deal
Cost per year starting from US$725.00 or US$60.42 per month*

Regular Cleaning once a month Open Plan Studio = US$20.00 per cleaning X 12 = US$240.00 for 1 cleaning per month;
1 bed / 1 bath property (2 rooms) = US$40.00 per cleaning  x 12 = US$480.00 per year for 1 cleaning per month;
2 bed / 1 or 2 bath property (3 rooms)= US$60.00 per cleaning  x 12 = US$720.00 per year for 1 cleaning per month;
3  bed / 2 or 3 bath property (4 rooms) = US$80.00 per cleaning  x 12 = US$960.00 per year for 1 cleaning per month;
Pest Control:
Insects Fumigation every 2 months;
Termite Fumigation once a year:
US$40.00 per fumigation x 6 = US$240.00

US$185.00 per fumigation x 1 = US$185.00
A/C Maintenance:
General Cleaning and Refrigerant Refill once a year.
Open Plan Studio US$60.00 per one A/C unit service x 1 = US$60.00
1 bed / 1 bath US$US$60.00 per one A/C unit service x 2 = US$120.00
2 bed / 1 or 2 bath per per one A/C unit service x 3 = US$180.00
3  bed / 2 or 3 bath per per one A/C unit service x 4 = US$240.00

Total per year for Concierge Deal: Open Plan Studio = 725.00 or US$60.42 per month;
1 bed / 1 bath = US$1,085.00 or US$85.42 per month;
2 bed / 1 or 2 bath = US$1,325.00 or US$110.42 per month;
3  bed / 2 or 3 bath = US$1,625.00 or US$135.42 per month;


*Please note that we can provide above services at such low cost ONLY for the package deal.

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