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1. All requests, inquiries and complaints related to The Flamenco Rosa B Condominium, shall be made in writing to the Management Company TORPICAL FELGATE or to the Board of Directors at Las Palmas Urbanization, Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

2. Names of the complainant will be held in strict confidence.



Please note that as per Costa Rica Smoking Ban, no smoking is allowed on the common grounds of the community. This legislation has banned smoking in busses, taxis, trains and their terminals, work places, public buildings, restaurants, bars, casinos, and all enclosed public-access buildings, granting no exceptions (no separate "smoking areas" are permitted). It also bans smoking in outdoor recreational or educational areas such as parks, stadiums and university campuses.

1. Unit owners are responsible for tenants and guests to comply with the Association's Declaration, By-Laws and these Rules and Regulations.

2. Unit owners, residents or any of their agents, employees, licensees or visitors SHALL NOT at any time, bring into or keep in their units, any FLAMMABLE, COMBUSTIBLE or EXPLOSIVE fluids, materials, chemicals or substances, except for household use and in household quantities.

3. Kerosene heaters shall not be permitted for use within the Flamenco Rosa C Condominium.

4. Toilets and other drains in the buildings shall be used only for the purposes for which they were designed. Any damage to the common plumbing resulting from misuse of plumbing and/or drains in a unit, shall be repaired by the Association and paid for by the owner of the unit.

5. All association fees are due on the 1st of each month. If fees are not received in Management Office or to the HOA Bank Account by the 15th of the month, a $20.00 late charge will be assessed.

6. ABSOLUTELY no peddlers or solicitors of any kind are allowed in the Community. Report any solicitors to the management personnel immediately.

7. Power tools shall not be used between 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.

8. For Sale and For Rent signs are prohibited unless they are put up by the management company in approved format. A maximum of three (3) "Open House" signs are allowed to be posted within the development, but must be put up and taken down on the day of the open house.

9. Portable and/or permanent sports/recreational fixtures and/or facilities are prohibited within The Flamenco Rosa B Condominium. These include but are not limited to basketball backboards, street hockey nets, volleyball nets, etc. Organized sports/recreational activities (including but not limited to pick-up football, basketball or baseball/softball games) are likewise prohibited within the Flamenco Rosa B Condominium.

Condo Owners Unit Insurance.

10. Each unit owner is responsible for purchasing and maintaining standard condominium homeowner's insurance coverage. Such coverage shall be sufficient to adequately cover all contents and upgrades, as well as general liability.


Parking areas and spaces are designed to provide both convenience and aesthetics for residents. As in most situations of possible contention, the use of common sense and consideration for your neighbours can enhance community rapport and avoid resentment.

1. Walkways, entrances, passages and courts surrounding the building shall not be obstructed.

2. Parking is allowed in designated parking spaces only, with these spaces limited to the parking of one vehicle each. Parking in any designated "No Parking" area is prohibited. Any vehicle found parked in a designated "No Parking" area will be tagged. The first occurrence will constitute a warning. Any vehicle tagged twice will be towed. All towing charges will be charged to the unit owner.

3. Parking of commercial vehicles, defined as a vehicle with commercial license plates and/or with any lettering on its body, is strictly prohibited.

4. All vehicles must have current license plates, a current registration card, and a valid inspection sticker to be legally parked on the premises.
No person shall park or leave unattended a vehicle on private property without the consent of the owner or other person in control or possession of the property or for a period in excess of that for which consent was given, except in the case of emergency or disablement of the vehicle in which case the owner or operator thereof shall arrange for the expeditious removal of the vehicle.

The owner or other person in control or possession of the property on which a vehicle is parked or left unattended in violation of this section may remove or hire another person to remove and store the vehicle. It shall be the obligation of the owner of the vehicle to pay the reasonable costs for the removal and for any storage which may result from such removal before he shall be entitled to recover the possession of the vehicle.


5. Motorcycles must park against the curb line, so as not to take up a parking space, but allows a car to also fit into the same parking space. Motorcycles, motor bikes, mini bikes, mopeds or any other terrain vehicles, shall not be parked or stored on patios.

None of these shall be driven anywhere on The Flamenco Rosa B Condominium by unlicensed persons. Neither shall these vehicles be ridden anywhere on the grassy areas.

6. There shall be no repair or maintenance of any vehicles anywhere on the common grounds with the exception of head lamps, flat tires, jump starting, and fluid replenishing.

7. Motorcycles require a metal plate under kickstands when parked on Association parking lots.

Vehicles per Condo Unit

8. The number of vehicles authorized to be parked on a daily basis on the common property per unit shall be equal to a maximum of one (1) vehicle per unit.


Patios and balconies are limited common areas intended for the use and enjoyment of residents. They allow each resident to enjoy the outdoors in close proximity to home. However, they are visible to your neighbours and potential owners.

1. Patios and balconies shall not be used for storage of trash cans, toys, bicycles, spare tires, boxes, etc. Patio furniture must be restricted to the patio or deck, and shall not be placed on the grass.

2. Clothes, bedding, laundry or the like shall not be hung, aired or dried from windows or on patios and balconies. Outdoor clothes lines shall not be used at any time.

3. Due to the fact that eaves of the buildings are made of the flammable materials, strictly no BBQ grills use under the eaves.


To maintain our common areas in a pleasing and sanitary condition, and to avoid extra trash removal expense which could result in higher monthly fees, it is important that all residents properly dispose of waste material in the dumpsters provided.

1. Trash shall be in tied plastic bags.

2. Trash bags shall be placed inside the dumpsters.

3. Trash shall not be burned anywhere on the common grounds.

4. Receptacles such as metal or plastic trashcans, or bags, shall NOT be permitted to stand along the outside wall of any building.


It is important to safeguard the structural integrity of the buildings for our safety and security. To provide aesthetic appeal of the condominium buildings, which will help to protect and enhance their value and our investment, it is essential that their visual appearance be pleasant, standard and consistent with the architectural design. Please keep this in mind when choosing decorative items which will be visible from the outside of the building.

1. Neither the exterior of the buildings nor any of the grounds shall be altered in any way without written approval from the Board.

2. All windows and patio/balcony doors in units shall have proper window coverings (blinds, drapes, shades or curtains) within 30 days of settlement. Exceptions to the timing requirement may be made in the case of a delay in delivery, or custom drape orders requiring a longer manufacturing period. Exceptions are valid only by approval in writing from the Board of Trustees granted upon presentation of proof of order/delay from the resident's vendor.

3. Christmas holiday decorations, including lights, and other exterior displays shall be put up no earlier than December 1st and taken down no later than January 15th.

4. Any plastic used to cover windows and patio/balcony doors for energy conservation shall be affixed inside the unit, not on the outside, and must be invisible from the outside.

5. All landscaping plans other than the Board's blanket approval of planting flowers and mulching must be approved in writing by the Board.

6. The approved storm door style is the only one to be used. Information can be obtained by contacting the Management.

7. No sign of any nature shall be maintained in the interior of any building or dwelling unit which is visible from the exterior of any such building or dwelling unit.

8. No window air conditioners are permitted.

9. Entrance ways, patios and balconies shall be kept clean.

10. Interior window areas may not be cluttered with personal items that are visible from the exterior, thereby creating an unsightly appearance.

11. The approved replacement window and sliding glass door style is the only one to be used. Information can be obtained by contacting the Management Office at Green Forest of Coco Beach Unit No 13, Las Palmas, Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


Satellite Dish Receivers.

12. Over-the-Air-Reception-Devices (OTARDS), such as satellite dishes may not be installed on a unit owner's deck or patio. Installation of such devices on common property (for example, roofs, sides of buildings and the common area around the buildings) is not permitted.

13. No structural alteration to the interior of any unit may be made without the advance written approval of the Board of Trustees. Such alterations include, but shall not be limited to, the moving of walls and installation of new flooring.


For those of you fortunate enough to have a pet as a companion please have some consideration for your neighbours. Dogs and cats just put outside and allowed to roam freely do not endear one's fellow residents. It's not very much fun to have to clean one's shoes after walking in the wrong place, or to experience temporary heart failure behind the wheel of a car when a small animal suddenly appears directly in front of one's bumper. Please help your pet to be a welcome member of the community. Owners only allowed to have pets. Tenants are not allowed to have any pets unless it is a service dog for blind people.

1. Dogs, cats, caged birds and tropical fish may be kept as domestic pets by the owners only, provided they are not kept for commercial purposes or for breeding. A maximum of two domestic pets is allowed per unit. Any other animals, such as livestock or poultry of any kind, regardless of number, shall not be maintained, kept, bred, boarded and/or raised within any unit or on any common grounds.

2. Pets shall not roam freely on the grounds, but must be carried or leashed and accompanied by their owners, or a designated responsible person within the Condominium common areas.

3. Pets are not permitted to soil on the common areas maintained by the landscaper. Pet owners are responsible for the immediate removal and disposal of any deposits from pets on any of the common areas.

4. Pets shall not at any time be left unattended nor be tied or chained in front of, or on the patio, balcony, behind a unit, or anywhere else on the common grounds.

5. Pets shall be registered and inoculated as required by law.

6. All pets shall be registered with The Management Company.

7. Pet owners are responsible for preventing any disturbing noises by their pets or any other interference with the rights, comforts and conveniences of other residents.


Pool Rules
for Flamenco Rosa B Community

                                                                                             NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY AT ANY TIME

NO Noise after 10pm


Pool Rules


1. The noise in the pool must be kept at a normal minimum.


2. Children aged under 12 must be accompanied and must be supervised by an Adult.


3. Any person who cannot take care of themselves, who is intoxicated, has evidence of a communicable     disease or having open sores / wounds may not use the pool.


4. Do not run, jump, fight or make any contact play in the pool area.


5. Masks and goggles must be made of tempered glass or plastic lenses that will not break and fall into the pool.


6. No nudity or sexual activity allowed in the pool or common areas.


8. Pool users must wear appropriate bathing suit for swimming.


9. No glass or ceramic or food in the pool area. If you bring food please use the Rancho.


10. No animals of any kind are allowed in the pool or pool area.


12. People should use the designated showers before entering the pool. Persons using the showers should clean sand residue and suntan lotion from there body as not to foul the pool water.


13. The pool chairs should not be removed from the pool area. The hoarding of pool chairs is not allowed. You may not put your towel or personal items on a pool chair and claim it for the day. Please be courteous and share with others.


14. The pool should not be used during maintenance periods (chlorine or chemicals).


15. Personal items cannot be left unattended in the pool areas.


16. Smoking is not allowed in the common areas.


17. Children and babies must have the proper swimming attire in any of the pools.


18. Pool games are only allowed as long as it does not affect or disturb other guests

Reglas de la Piscina
for Flamenco Rosa B Community

ningún ruido después de las 10 pm

1. El ruido en la piscina debe mantenerse a un mínimo normal.


2. Los niños menores de 12 años deben estar acompañados y deben ser supervisados ​​por un adulto.


3. Cualquier persona que no puede cuidar de sí mismos, que está intoxicado, tiene evidencia de una enfermedad transmisible o que tiene abiertas llagas / heridas no pueden utilizar la piscina.


4. No correr, saltar, luchar o hacer cualquier juego de contacto en la zona de la piscina.


5. Las máscaras y gafas deben estar hechas de lentes de vidrio o de plástico templado que no se rompa y caiga en la piscina.


6. No se desnudez o actividad sexual permitidos en la piscina o zonas comunes.


8. usuarios de la piscina deben llevar traje de baño adecuado para nadar.


9. Ninguna de vidrio o cerámica o alimentos en el área de la piscina. Si trae la comida por favor use el Rancho.


10. Ningún animal de cualquier tipo son permitidos en la zona de la piscina o en la piscina.


12. Las personas deben utilizar las duchas designadas antes de entrar en la piscina. Las personas que usan las duchas deben limpiar los residuos de arena y bronceador desde allí el cuerpo como para no ensuciar el agua de la piscina.


13. Las sillas de la piscina no deben ser retirados de la zona de la piscina. No se permite la acumulación de sillas de la piscina. El usuario no puede poner su toalla o artículos personales en una silla de la piscina y reclamarlo para el día. Por favor, sea cortés y compartir con los demás.


14. La piscina no debe utilizarse durante períodos de mantenimiento (cloro o productos químicos).


15. Los artículos personales no se pueden dejar sin vigilancia en las zonas de la piscina.


16. No está permitido fumar en las zonas comunes.


17. Los niños y bebés deben tener la ropa adecuada para nadar en cualquiera de las piscinas.


18. Juegos de la piscina sólo se les permite siempre que no afecta ni molestar a otros clientes.

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